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Enriching Lives, for Humanity!

GSI India was established in 2023 by Heet Naik with a vision to propagate STEM activities, focusing more on space technology, and to help students build a strong background in STEM overall. Stay connected for the latest updates regarding our events as well as opportunities and to learn how you can be a part of the community and shape the world!

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Our Story

Known for its diverse landscapes, ranging from the high Andes mountains to lowland rainforests in the Amazon basin, Bolivia is home to the world's highest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca.

Bolivia has recognized the legal rights of nature through its Constitution, which grants nature equal rights to humans. This unique approach emphasizes environmental protection.

In terms of STEM education, Bolivia faces challenges in providing quality education and resources, especially in rural and remote areas. Efforts are being made to promote STEM education through government initiatives, partnerships with international organizations, and collaborations with the private sector.

Women's education in Bolivia has seen significant improvements over the years, but challenges persist due to socio-economic factors, cultural norms, and geographic disparities. Early marriage and teenage pregnancies can lead to girls dropping out of school, limiting their educational opportunities and contributing to cycles of poverty. Indigenous and ethnic minority women often face greater challenges in accessing education due to language barriers, discrimination, and cultural norms.

While challenges remain, Bolivia's commitment to improving STEM education is evident through its initiatives to equip its students with the skills needed for a rapidly changing world. By fostering interest and proficiency in STEM fields, Bolivia is positioning itself to harness the potential of its youth for the country's progress and development. Efforts are being made to improve women's education in Bolivia, but there's a need for continued investment in infrastructure, gender-sensitive curriculum, and initiatives that address cultural and socio-economic barriers. Empowering girls and women through education is not only a matter of individual opportunity but also a pathway to achieving gender equality and sustainable development in the country.

GSI chapter of Bolivia is on a path to empower youth with STEM education, especially in the fields of mathematics and robotics, 

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