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GSI Poland

Shaping Dreams into Reality!

The GSI chapter in Poland was founded in 2023, and its aim is to promote and provide STEM education not only to student groups but to all people in Poland. GSI Poland is aware of the gaps in education that exist in different age groups, not only in STEM but also in basic fields such as first aid, psychology, and social sciences. Members of GSI Poland strongly believe that education should be available for everyone, and it's never too late to learn new things.

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Our Story

Poland, situated in Central Europe, has a tumultuous history that often belies its outward appearance. Frequent wars, occupations, and partitions by its neighboring nations have consistently sapped its strength. In spite of these challenges, a resilient spirit to persevere has always defined us. Even during the 123 years when Poland vanished from the global map, many of our compatriots in exile toiled diligently and achieved remarkable success, exemplified by the renowned Maria Skłodowska-Curie.

Throughout our history, we've produced numerous exceptional engineers and scientists. However, the trend of emigration has endured, persisting even into the present day. Many of these talented individuals believe that their prospects for success are greater abroad, driven in part by the perception that our nation still falls short in fully fostering their potential. Moreover, contemporary education in Poland often impedes a genuine interest in STEM fields. Lacking proficiency in fundamental areas like first aid, psychology, and others further compounds the issue across all generations.

Our mission is primarily rooted in disseminating knowledge within these aforementioned domains through workshops, lectures, classes, and similar endeavors. We are steadfast in not confining our efforts to a specific age group, as we firmly uphold the belief that education is a universal right. Despite our relatively modest beginnings, we harbor hopes of expanding our activities and effecting positive transformations within our nation.

Meet The Team


Warsaw, Poland


+48 691 963 096



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