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Making Waves in the Middle East

Our incredible team recently met with Dr. Ibrahim Jazi, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State for Prime Ministry Affairs for Jordan. This remarkable meeting was organized by our dedicated Regional Manager for the Middle East, Qusai Smadi, who ensured that the Global STEM Initiative (GSI) voice was heard loud and clear.

During this impactful discussion, Qusai Smadi, our Chapter Director of Lebanon, Abdallah Ramadan, Director of Education at GSI, and Tamara Abboud, Chapter Director of Jordan, effectively conveyed the inspiring story, mission, and vision of GSI. Our future plans, including the upcoming GSI educational packets, took center stage, as we highlighted our commitment to collaborating with educators for greater impact.

The meeting emphasized the significance of fostering equal opportunities for all, especially focusing on the empowerment of women in STEM fields. Our conversation also revolved around the eagerly anticipated Jordanian chapter event, Scope, which is set to create ripples of positive change.

The outcome of this meeting was truly remarkable. The Deputy Prime Minister's support and connections have paved the way for meaningful collaborations with the Jordanian Crown Prince Foundation and Al Hussain Technical University. These alliances hold the promise of substantial support for Jordan and the global community, bringing us one step closer to achieving our shared vision of a world where STEM education flourishes.

GSI will continue to make waves in shaping the future of STEM education and empowerment worldwide.

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